What Is a Traditionalist?

Before we can continue we must define terms, because various people and groups define terms differently. And so you understand what I mean, when I use a term, I must tell you what I mean. Traditionalism is not part of the Conciliar Church of Vatican 2. Therefore anyone in full communion with modernist Rome under Pope Francis is not in my definition a Traditionalist. This includes all exercising the various indults to use the Latin Mass, the Society of Saint Peter being the first.

Traditionalism was originally one sect, which was trying to preserve the Tridentine Mass. In fact the origins of Traditionalism go back before the institution of the Novus Ordo Missae by Paul VI. The 1960’s Traditionalists, although unnamed, were trying to preserve the Faith. In the early 1970’s the Faith was put to the side and it was the Mass that mattered. Those who were worried about the Faith soon saw in the Novus Ordo the personification of the heresies already rampant in the Conciliar Church. So slowly we departed the Conciliar Church, because we saw it was not the Catholic Church. And the reason for departure was heresy, which the Faithful are obliged to run away from as we have seen in the first chapter.

In the 1970s Traditionalists were united in preserving the Mass and the Faith. There was no fighting for territory by priests, because priests were so few. The first Traditionalist priests were priests that either refused the Novus Ordo altogether or after a time departed from the Novus Ordo. It was not until the mid 1970s that the Apostles of Jesus and Mary known under its public title as the Fraternal Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX) came on the scene. Another organization the Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen (CMRI) was founded in the late 1960s and transformed itself in 1971 with the ordination and consecration of its founder by an Old Catholic bishop. However main stream Traditionalism did not accept the CMRI until two decades later.

Let us conclude that Traditionalism includes the SSPX and CMRI and all groups not in full communion with Modernist Rome that use the Latin Mass. Traditionalists implicitly hold that Vatican 2 contains heresy and that the Vatican 2 Popes were/are heretics. The argument is over just exactly what does this mean to their possession of the Papacy. We will discuss the three basic positions later on in this work.

Traditionalists all agree on one thing. George Bergogolio, who claims to be Pope Francis is a heretic as was his predecessors back to Paul VI. What Traditionalists disagree about is how to address this issue.

We reject ‘pope’ Francis as heretical antipope and his novel teachings.