What Can People Judge in Regard to Heresy?

Question: “Clarification of my above question: I assume you agree that a person can make a heretical statement or action but still not be a (formal) heretic. Also, to be established as or considered a formal heretic it must be officially determined and declared by Church protocol. Formal heresy cannot be officially established individually. Therefore when Canon Law refers to a heretic they are referring to someone officially established as such, and not on hearsay. You claim a candidate for the pope can be determined a formal heretic (before elected) without an official protocol and therefore disqualified. That is what I am asking you to prove.”
In order to answer this question and the more basic question of where is the Church today, we need to look at a few things first. First let us go to the Baltimore Catechism Number 4, Explanation of the Baltimore Catechism. Then we need to outline our positive duties in regard to the Pastors of the Church.

Catechism on the Church

Catholic’s Duty of Obedience to the Church

Who Is Our Pastor?

Are There Any Precedent Cases For Our Times?

Western Schism (1378-1417)

Letter of Saint Athanasius to His People

Saint John Chrysostom on Obedience to Prelates

Heresy Is a Species of Unbelief

Ipso Facto Nature of Heresy

The Laity’s Duty In Regard to Faith

Practical Application

We Have Already Judged