Table of Contents


What Can People Judge In Regard To Heresy

     The Catechism On the Church

         On Heresy and Schism And the Profession of Faith

     Catholic’s Duty of Obedience to the Church

         Who Is Our Pastor?

     Are There Any Precedent Cases For Our Times?

         Western Schism (1378-1417)

         Letter of Saint Athanasius to His People

     Saint John Chrysostom on Obedience to Prelates

     Heresy Is a Species of Unbelief

     Ipso Facto Nature of Heresy

     The Laity’s Duty In Regard to Faith

     Practical Application

     We Have Already Judged

Traditionalism Before It Had a Name


     Emphasis on the Social Gospel Instead of the Faith

     Charismatic Movement


Heresies of Vatican 2

     Decree on the Liturgy and Jansenism

     Modernism In the Decree on the Liturgy And Even Before

     Doctrine Is Incomplete

     Allah Is God

     The People of God

     Apostolic Succession

What Is a Traditionalist?


     Scandals in the SSPX

         Archbishop Lefebvre And the New Rite of Ordination

         Archbishop Lefebvre And the Old Catholics

         The Fish Rots From the Head

     Thuc Bishops


     The Nine Become Twelve

     From 1990 to the Present

         The SSPX

         The CMRI

         The SSPV


Teachings of Traditionalism

     Implicit Beliefs of Traditionalists

     The Lesser of Two Evils

     Single Issue Voters

     It Is The Mass That Matters

     Radical Traditionalism

         Sacred Scripture




Who Is The Enemy?

Are We In An Emergency?

     We Have Already Judged

What Should We Have Done And What Should We Do Now?

Traditionalism And the Four Marks of the Church



         1950’s Catholicism



        Are Titular Bishops Successors of the Apostles?

         Who Are the Successors of the Apostles?

Traditionalist Justifications

     Are Traditionalist Bishops Excommunicated?

         Justification For Consecrating Bishops

     Should We Demand Miracles?

     Sacramental Priests and Bishops

         What Question Do They Ask at Ordination?

     Authority Traditionalists Claim

         Bishop Pivarunas on Jurisdiction

         S.S.P.X. Jurisdiction For Confession & Matrimony

     True Or False Pope

     What Is the Difference Between the Old Catholics And the Traditionalists?

Questions To The Traditionalists

     Why Do You Preach, When You Have Not Been Sent By the Church?

     Are Old Catholic Priests Allowed to Function in this Emergency?

     Why Do You Use Jurisdictional Terms, When You Don’t Claim the Authority?

     Why Haven’t the Sedevacantists Elected a Pope?

Are the Traditionalists the Catholic Church?


Is the New Rite of Ordination Valid?



     Insauratio Liturgica

     What Are We to Think of Paul 6

Are We In Apocalyptic Times?

Where Is the Catholic Church?

     Sede Vacantism

     What Happened In October of 1958


         The Papacy Is Not Vacant

Election Of a Pope

About the Author

     This Author leaves Traditionalism at the End of 1983


     How small can the Church get?

     The Majority Is Always Wrong

     How Can So Few Bind So Many?

     The Pope Must Be a Bishop To Become Bishop of Rome


     Monsignor, We Do Not Want this Peace

     “The Old Mass Only!” Exegesis Of A Catchword

     Open Letter To Archbishop Lefebvre

     December 26, 1983 St. Stephen Martyr

Jurisdiction, During the Great Apostasy

     2020 Introduction

     1985 Paper


     When And Where May We Receive The Sacraments?

     Probable Opinion In Necessity

     What Is Jurisdiction?

     How Is Jurisdiction Lost?

     Jurisdiction And The Sacraments




         Extreme Unction And Holy Eucharist

         Holy Orders


     Jurisdiction And The Sacramentals


         Books And Writings

         Other Acts

     Are There Exceptions?

         Interpretation Of Law

         Does Canon 20 Provide An Exception?

         What About Canon 209?

     Are There Exceptions?

         Canon 2261, Paragraph 2

     2020 Thoughts