Spiritual Combat

When We read this chapter: What is the Nature of our Heart, and how it ought to be Governed.We decided this book needs to be on the list.  Many take no consideration of their heart, while relying on the Rosary and Scapular to save their soul.  If we do not take the Rosary to heart and live the Scapular way of life, then We will get no where.


YOUR heart was created by God for this end alone, to be loved and possessed by Him. And with this love you can make it do whatever you wish, and every thing, however difficult it might be, will in this manner become easy to you ; therefore you must in the first place gain a fixed and established intention in your heart, so that outward actions may flow from inward.

For, although corporal penances, and all those exercises which chastise and afflict the flesh, are praiseworthy, when used with discretion, and when adapted to the particular circumstances of each person, yet, if you only use such means as these, you will never gain a single virtue ; but on the contrary vanity and the wind of vainglory ; and all your labour will be lost, unless these outward exercises are animated and guided by right inward dispositions.

The life of man is nothing else but a warfare and a continual temptation; and in consequence of this warfare, you must live in a state of watchfulness, and ever keep a guard over your heart, so that it may continue in peace and quietness. And if you should feel the movement of some sensual disturbance within you, you must be careful to quiet it instantly, stilling your heart, and not permitting it to turn aside or wander after any of these things. Do this as often as any cause of disquietude presents itself, whether in prayer, or at any other time, and know that when you have learnt to act thus, then you will have learnt to pray aright; but remember that all this must be done sweetly and gently. In short, the whole and principal business of your life must consist in continually quieting your heart, and never letting it go astray.