Who Is Our Pastor?

We will take the example of Saint Marys, Kansas in the United States. We will presume that the Pope is Francis, therefore Archbishop Joseph Naumann is Bishop of the diocese. Father Gerard Senecal OSB is pastor of Immaculate Conception Church in Saint Marys. Archbishop Naumann was appointed in 2005 as Archbishop of the Diocese by John Paul II. He in turn appointed Father Senecal as pastor of Saint Marys. Those living in Saint Marys should therefore assist at Mass at Immaculate Conception. By indult, there is a Latin Mass Community outside of Maple Hill in communion with Pope Francis and Archbishop Naumann where people may also assist at Mass.
Let us go back a century, when the Jesuits were there. Could someone in Saint Marys fulfill their Sunday obligation at Saint Marys College? And answer is no. The church building there was only a semi-public oratory. The only ones who can fulfill their Sunday obligation in a semi-public oratory are those who are members of the community or guests staying with the community. No one else can fulfill their obligation there. The only place we can fulfill our Sunday obligation is a church or a public oratory.