Summary of the Position

We are preparing a work that will eventually be published as a book.  As We prepare things they will be published here for your consideration.  What follows is a brief outline

+ Introduction
+ + Great Apostasy
+ + + Antichrist
+ + + In the Church
+ + + Conclusion

Heresy And the Church



+ End of the Twentieth Century
+ + The Vision of Pope Leo XIII
+ + + Long Saint Michael’s Prayer
+ + + Comments on the Long Saint Michael’s Prayer
+ + Prophecy of Blessed Tomasuccio de Foligno
+ + Comments
+ + Conclusion
+ The Great Apostasy
+ Cessation of the Mass
+ Saint Alphonsus
+ Universal Conversion

Duties of Catholics to the Church and to the members of the Church
+ A Catholic’s Duty In Regard to the Faith
+ Catholic’s Duty of Obedience to the Church
+ + A Catholic And His Parish
+ + + Who Is Our Pastor?
+ + Saint John Chrysostom on Obedience to Prelates
+ Schism
+ Catholic Action
+ Duties of a Good Christian
+ Minimums

Has the Great Apostasy Begun

+ Does the Catholic Church Change?
+ Is the Catholic Church of Today the Same As It Was a Century Ago?
+ Do Catholics Believe What Catholics Believed A Century Ago?
+ End of the Twentieth Century
+ The Traditionalist Movement
+ Has the Great Apostasy Begun?

Vatican II

+ Allah Is God
+ Subsists
+ Communicatio in Sacris
+ Doctrine is Incomplete
+ Liturgy Decree Is Modernist
+ Conciliar Church
+ New Rites of the Sacraments

Note the above is a work in progress.

What follows is old material.

David Bawden was elected Pope and took the name of Michael on July 16, 1990.

The Papacy was vacant on July 16, 1990
+ A Heretic Cannot Become Pope
+ + Heresies of Vatican II
+ Karol Wojtyla Was a Heretic Prior to His Apparent Election
+ Other Claimants to the Papacy
+ + A consideration of the Siri HYpothesis

An Extraordinary Election Was Necessary
+ The Ordinary Electors Were Unavailable
+ The Church Can Always Elect a Pope
+ Who Is the Universal Church?

July 16, 1990 Papal Election

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Validity of the Ordination of Pope Michael