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1990: He’s pope for a small flock
1990: Saint Mary’s Man, 30, Claims to be Pope
1990: He Say’s He’s the Pope
1990: Thrift Store Pope
2005: Kansan mostly alone in belief that he’s the true pope
Thomas Frank wrote a chapter about Pope Michael in What’s the Matter With Kansas. Page eight of the linked document mentions this.
2006: Alleluia America
2009: The gospel of Pope Michael: Kansan stakes own claim to Catholic Church
2010 An independent film maker made a documentary about Pope Michael.
2012: Kansas ‘pope’ leads a flock in exile
2018: Quora

Satirical at Eye of the Tiber, a sort of ‘Catholic’ Onion:
2013: Pope Michael Comes To Aid Of Deposed Nigerian Prince; Transfers “Sum of USD 5 Millions”
2015: A Melancholy Pope Michael Still Waiting For Panama Delegates, Welcoming Committee To Pick Him Up From Airport
2016: Francis To Visit Kansas To Commemorate 26th Anniversary Of Pope Michael Election To Papacy
2018: “I Will Not Say A Single World” Pope Michael Tells Lineup Of Teddy Bears Holding Fake Tape Recorders
2018: Pope Michael Declares Emergency to Install Communion Rails

Pope Michael elsewhere:
Good reads, listing his books.
Kansas University