Go to Guerard

A case about validity of Orders came up, so We consulted the internet and looked up an article by Anthony Cekada, who was ordained by Lefebvre and then left with the nine.  Cekada wrote, The Validity of the Thuc Consecrations.  In it he reports: “When Father Sanborn broached the topic of who could ordain priests for us, Bp. Mayer said: “Go to Gu�rard!””  Sanborn was also interviewed on this subject and says the same thing.  He mentioned that John Parrott went with him.  We knew Parrott, first meeting him in Oklahoma City and later entering Econe with him in 1977.  Of the five Americans who went to Econe, he lasted longest, being ordained as a Subdeacon before his expulsion.  Sanborn sent five of us to Econe Sanborn sent, because as he said to Mom and I over the phone: “You are most likely to persevere to ordination.”  Four were dismissed, including Parrott and one decided he did not have a vocation.

When I ran across the interview, I wondered why Parrott did not take Bishop de Castro Meyer’s advice himself?  Then I ran across a video by William Jenkins. In this he mentions that he has talked with the man, who accompanied Sanborn, and de Castro Meyer did not say: “Go to Guerard.”  This makes more sense to me, knowing John Parrott.

As for the Thuc consecrations there is no question about their validity.  I have talked with someone, who met Thuc, but never said anything about Thuc’s mental state that would indicate he had lost his faculties.  Therefore the presumption of the law is in favor of validity.

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