Spiritual Book

If you come to my site, you will find it is being modified.  First of all, I am always writing a book, actually probably several.  However, this project has been underway for decades, but has not come together.  However, I have many research documents, which I am posting.  They are not well organized yet, but I don’t want to wait to make this information available to people.

As I am putting this together, a story comes to my mind.  About five and a half years ago, it came on my heart I need to read something new on prayer.  And so I looked for books on prayer, but found I had read most of them in my library.  (I hadn’t read one of them, but I did not come across it.  This is the danger of a 3,000+ book library.)  I was about to pick one up and reread it, when I went to the grocery store one day.  I took a different route home for some reason and found that the Rescue Mission warehouse sale was open, so I stopped by.  Until this day, they never have had books.  I stopped in and they had books and apparently some Traditionalist had dropped their library on them.  I picked eighteen books at six for a dollar, when I realized, I have cold food in the truck.  So I headed home and put the food away and looked at the books.  I decided to go back the next day and ended up with eighteen more books.  Among them was Prayer The Key to Salvation.  The Holy Ghost works in many ways.  As I continue this project I will tell a few stories of how the Holy Ghost has brought me to things I needed to know, when I needed to know them.  It is quite possible the Holy Ghost has brought you here to teach you something.  I am praying for you, although I do not even know who you are.


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