Bishop Williamson Says Lay People May Judge Heresy

In his Eleison Comments DCXC, Bishop Williamson says: “In the Foreword to his book on The Heresy of the 20th Century, Jean Madiran begins with the direct statement that it is the Catholic bishops who are responsible for the heresy of the 20th century (p.17 in the 2018 re-edition of the book from Knowing that he will be accused as a mere layman of speaking out of turn, he states defiantly (28) that when the shepherds or bishops have turned into wolves or destroyers of the Faith, he needed as a baptised Catholic neither to ask for, nor to be given, any mandate to defend the Faith.”

The main argument launched by the Sedeoccupantists against Sedevacantism and Conclavism is that the laity cannot speak against heresy, nor take action.  If Jean Madiran, a layman, can speak on the heresy of the 20th Century, why can’t other faithful Catholics speak on this very subject?  Why can we not go further, when the clergy fail us and take action as we did, beginning in the mid 1960’s, when the problem first became known?  According to Williamson’s reasoning, we can.

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