Catholic versus Catholic

I was recently asked to give an interview. (The interview can be found here) I have found out that sedevacantists are using my existence as a precedent case from the Western Schism.   They cite the existence of two claimants to the Papacy, Francis (George Bergoglio) and me, (Pope Michael).  Three sedevacantists have also been interviewed.
Steve Heiner



Saint Antoninus reports of the time: “Although it is necessary to believe that there is but one supreme head of the Church, nevertheless, if it happens that two Popes are created at the same time, it is not necessary for the people to believe that this one or that one is the legitimate Pontiff; they must believe that he alone is the true Pope who has been regularly elected, and they are not bound to discern who that one is; as to that point, they may be guided by the conduct and opinion of their particular pastor.”



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