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  1. Thank you Holy Father,
    For bringing the site back up, it has been though YouTube that I am able to keep up with you. I saw your documentary on YouTube and have been wanting to follow you?
    In Christ, your humble servent,
    R. Palmer Marsh IV

  2. Do you enforce the after midnight Holy Communion fast?Our Thuc line (Thuc Des Lauriers McKenna) priest is the only clergyman I know of that enforces after midnight fast & practices the pre-1950 traditions completely.
    He even has the Easter Vigil (Saturday) at 8am.
    Also,are your Holy Orders in the Duarte Costa line or the Arnold Old Catholic line?
    Will you please answer me,I would appreciate a response.
    -Gloria Tibi Domine-

    1. We enforce the Communion fast of Pope Pius XII of three hours, with from midnight recommended. The lineage of office, which is the important one, comes from Saint Peter through Pope Pius XII. The lineage of Orders comes from Bishop Duarte-Costa.

  3. Hypothetically if all “traditional Catholic” bishops hold a conclave next month,you’re invited (which you should be!) and you’re not elected Pope but given a dioceses,would you accept the results?
    Would you be willing to undergo conditional reordination & reconsecration if asked?
    I don’t necessarily disagree with you but I am withholding my views out of respect & being just a mere layman.

    1. If I was invited, I would participate. In fact, this was proposed fifteen years ago, although the Traditionalist bishops would not cooperate.

      1. I enjoy watching your videos & listening to your humble, intelligent,insightful talks.
        You were 30 years ahead of the curve and I commend you for your brave action.
        Maybe you should contact and a few bishops again.Its obvious Rome has lost the faith and is not coming back to Jesus Christ and the Holy Roman Catholic faith.
        Dominus Vobiscum

  4. Sherry,I met your group of writer buddies when I was a guest at your home, and I was envious. So envious I decided to go back to a critique group in my area. I missed the back and forth while dissecting a scene, the good and the bad, all in the one goal to make every scene better.I will still be envious of your gr8u#&po230; )

  5. Just read your article on receiving Holy Orders in 2012.
    I say this in all due respect.
    Bishop Fleiss from Germany was a Thuc Bishop subsequently reconciled to the conciliar church during the last years of Anti-Pope John Paul II.
    Last part of your article states that no Thuc Bishop had been received into the Conciliar Church. There is a picture on the Internet of Bishop Fleiss being received by JP2.
    Bishop Fleiss’ Holy Orders from the Thuc line were accepted by JP2 and he DID NOT have to be reordained or reconsecrated.

    1. -Correction-
      Bishop Anthanasius Siewert is the German Thuc Bishop’s correct name,not Bishop Fleiss.I apologize for the mistake.

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